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Red Lightswitch

Red Lightswitch Justin Butler Brian Hilario

 Founders of Red Lightswitch Media Group. Brian Hilario is a U.S. Army Veteran who served multiple tours overseas before finding a new career in filmmaking. With a background in theater, he spent the first years of his career writing, directing and acting on stage before meeting Justin Butler. Justin fell in love with film-making at an early age, taking every class and working on every project he could get his hands-on. After college, he spent most of his time as a writer and live performer before meeting Brian and starting their company together.

 Red Lightswitch was founded on a single premise: a short film a week, every week. With this mantra, Red Lightswitch went on to make 17 short films in 17 weeks, one four-episode web series, and a short documentary in their first year of operation. Over the next two years, the team worked closely with the Bay County Sherrif's Office and Ret. Navy Seal Dr. Ed Naggiar to produce the documentary "Long Walk from Darkness."

They currently produce the live show "Wildly Unnecessary", travel the southeast performing standup comedy, and create branding and corporate videos that reflect their humorous outlook on life.

 Brian continues to explore different projects in theatre, while Justin has never stopped writing and performing. The pair is currently working on multiple films, television, and multimedia projects.

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